Take a step towards revitalising your financial health by joining the on-demand pay revolution. Some of the main benefits of using Openwage include:

  • Financial flexibility: Life expenses don't always line up with when you get paid, until now. Use on-demand pay to access your money on your schedule.

  • Low-cost: You pay a 1% transaction fee of the amount transferred. The minimum fee is £1 per transfer.

  • It’s not a loan: There’s no interest to pay, only a low transaction fee per transfer. 

  • Stress less about money: With on-demand pay, unexpected expenses or bills don’t have to be stressful. On-demand pay is a smarter alternative to using credit cards, overdrafts and payday loans. 

  • Pay loans off earlier: Save on the interest mounting up on loans or credit cards by paying them off earlier in the month.

  • Start good saving habits: Use on-demand pay as a way to encourage your savings habit. Become the saver you always wanted to be.